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What we do

25 Years of Experience


  • Marketing communications    

  • Media relations 

  • Content creation

  • Blogs & social media

  • Product launches    

  • Brand repositioning/revitalization

  • Integrated marketing campaigns    

  • Cause-related marketing

  • Sponsorship/event marketing     

  • Public affairs                                                       

  • Corporate counsel/image programs

  • Spokesperson training 

  • Crisis communications    

Interview Crib Sheet


Try This test. Next time you plan to talk with a reporter, review these pointers first:


1. What’s the story? Tell the reporter you want to know the gist of the story first to gather facts.


2. Don’t rush it. Unless a reporter is up against a tight deadline, you don’t have to be interviewed on the spot. Set a time; even an hour later can help.


3. Ask questions of the reportera)How did the reporter happen upon the story?b) Who else is being interviewed?


Read more tips on our WordPress site!

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