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 A new musical that captures the spirit

of the City of Angels in music where

stars of the stage and screen   

  from the Golden Age 'til today   

come together to defend a venerable

100-year-old Hollywood institution.


                            Concert Reading

                       Saturday, Oct. 23

                      New Musicals Inc. 


      Directed by John Coppola

Music under the Direction of Ron Barnett

      Creative Team 



                                Book by Marilyn Haese

                                Music by Joelle Sahar

                                Lyrics by Marilyn Haese

                                & Joelle Sahar



                         Recorded Demos

Small Title

Audacity web clip 08.02.21Melvin Biteng & Joelle Sarah
Barney's!Cast Album
This Mess Jordan Goodsell
Crazy Dream web clip 08.02.21Serena & Jordan Goodsell
New Musicals Inc.
5628 Vineland Avenue
North Hollywood, CA